January 12, 2018



We work with every major energy supplier in the UK, which allows us to negotiate on your behalf the best energy deal. We understand that you may find it difficult understanding your energy bills, or even if your are receiving the best prices. We know that energy is one of your biggest outgoings and we want to help cut costs. We can also advise on the energy efficiency of your restaurant and help you further reduce costs.




We can provide your business with super fast business grade fiber broadband. We can supply you with either standard broadband, FTTC or FTTP. We also offer leased lines for organisations with multiple sites. We understand the importance of having your business connected at all times, that's why it's important to have the right broadband for your business. We also provide VOIP & landline solutions


HR Solutions

As a client of ours, we can give you advice on any employment-related issues. We can advise on all areas such as employment law, learning & development of staff, recruitment, people strategy, employee health & safety and more. We understand the complexity surrounding these issues and can help you be compliant at all times.  We can provide you with HR software to help manage your internal HR processes. We also have a job board to post your vacancies.



We understand the need to attract more customers. This is why we have created our very own directory that allows you to operate a food delivery&/or booking service for your restaurant. We are much cheaper than the biggest major restaurant directory brands and we aim to keep it that way. With our added services and clever marketing strategy we will get you more customers.

Web design & hosting

You may already have a website, or maybe thinking of a new one. We can offer you a bespoke solution to design your new website and even host it on our dedicated UK servers. We offer low-cost monthly payment plans for your website. no need to worry about large upfront costs. Try us today with no upfront cost

IT Solutions

We can provide your business with the latest IT equipment. You may need new desktops or servers to run your business, new mobile handsets, tablets, POS systems and many more. You can buy for your business or pleasure and we offer discounts as a customer of ours. Any IT hardware or software you need, we stock.



Are you looking for an accountancy & bookkeeping service for your food business? We now work with a specialist accountancy firm who can offer all services, such as taxation, payroll & VAT. Our chosen partner is very highly rated and can offer a service that exceeds all expectations. Speak to us to discuss how we can help your food business save money and put your tax situation at ease.

Cleaning Services

We know how important it is to have a clean restaurant. We can provide you with a cleaning service that can help you sustain a clean environment. If it's for a one-off deep clean or a regular service we can provide this service using qualified BICS technicians. We love kitchen deep cleaning, we can complete this task on time and within budget.

Food & Drink supplies
Coming soon! we are working on our food supplies service. We will source the finest food & drink ingredients from manufactures and allow your business to give customers the food they crave. We will do all of this at a discounted price again allowing your restaurant business to increase its profit margins. We will do all of this using our very own distribution network, bringing the food to you.